QUIETI Apparel wasn’t born overnight. It took hours and hours (and hours) of talking to retail owners, buyers, and end consumers. You see, we knew something was missing in men's fashion. But it took us awhile to put our finger on it.

After talking to people just like you, it hit us. There's a need for a cool, contemporary-designed shirt that not only could be worn to work or to play, but could also be offered at an affordable price that appeals to everyone. It needs to feel great, too. Times have changed, especially in the last few years. The way men dress, the way men shop, and the way men care has changed. Us men want style — we want fashion — but more importantly, we want value.

So in 2011, QUIETI Apparel was born. We created a brand that not only addresses the more casual work wear in today’s world, but also makes a statement for the individual who cares how he looks outside the workplace. Our shirts are designed to be versatile.

For the QUIETI line, our shirts look great dressed up with a suit and equally as impressive with your favorite pair of jeans and or jacket. You'll be noticed, but tastefully. The perfect combination of subtlety and sophistication are we're all about.

For our Vintage Italia line, it's all about looking great while living that relaxed lifestyle. The shirt length is specifically designed to be worn untucked without looking sloppy, making it the go-to for men who want to look and feel great all day long.

It's been just a short while since we created QUIETI Apparel (and acquired Vintage Italia, a brand with 10 years of proven performance in top stores), and already we're seeing amazing traction in top men's boutiques and major, high-end department stores across the country. And now we're online, too.

But at the end of the day, our reason to be is, and always will be, simple: just make a great shirt, with great value, that let’s a man speak about who he is.

Thanks for stopping by our site. We hope you hop on board.